Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Girl and Her Dog

I enjoy this sketch designed by Izak Zanou for Kaufman fabrics, called Who's that Girl?  But, for me this small section had no color... well, at least not the colors I love. 

Slowly I started adding more vibrant colors, and thanks to the Kaffe fabric, I feel like it gained some umph.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Next Project

My Smitten Quilt is nearly done, and I'm ready to start the next project... La Passacaglia... gulp.

First things first, though.  This time I am starting out with a color scheme that I will try to cultivate:

There are just so many color schemes I want to explore.  Can I stick to just this side of the rainbow?   We'll see.

This site has some amazing color palettes of inspiration from the work of Jenny Friske-Baer.  I love the way the colors swirl into this glass bead.  Here's hoping I can swirl color with the fabric rosettes:

Gorgeous color palette as well:

I can live all day in these colors.  Maybe I'll go with a combination of these color schemes.  Decisions, decisions...

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Jungle Out There

A way to forget about my worries and my strife...  Smitten Quilting.

I'm starting to like the non-fussy cutting in this Smitten quilt.  The only fussy cut here was the beautiful shoe - showcased among the leaves branches and polka dots.  I felt like that was the most important thing in this block - a great pair of shoes - and isn't that the rule of the jungle, anyways?!

This quilt block was created shortly after attending a workshop with THE Kaffe Fasset.  One of my takeaways was taking risks in blending fabrics.  I never would have put this combo together, but once I cut into the fabric and started moving things around, this seemed to come together to my liking.

Some fabrics used were "Who's that Girl" and a Kaffe fabric.  I can't remember the rest, but I love them, too.  Would love to know what you think.

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hand Piecing Paris Blocks... Or is it... Hand Peacing?

There's no room for feeling down when you are hand piecing, especially when the images remind you of a place you want to be.

For me, I've never been to Paris, but I love the romantic feel that these fabrics bring.

The mix of dots and script offered a fun variety while still keeping the palette of colors limited.

There is a sense of peace hand quilting offers. It does not matter when a quilt gets done... who it is for... or why you are hand quilting.  It is simply a process and a calming journey.

I tried to balance between some fussy cuts and some random cuts:

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you are inspired to start your own journey of creative therapy.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fussy Cut Flowers - Smitten - Large Hexagon Three

Large Hexagon #3

I fussy cut blooms of white, blue and purple and pieced together with a purple center radiating outward. Fussy cutting takes time and planning, but the result can be fascinating.

Flowers and Postage - Smitten - Large Hexagon Three

Large Hexagon #3

One of the first large blocks that I decided to sew was this one.  I'm not sure I like the two different fabrics in the star - but I like how the postage from Tim Holtz Eclectic fabric has drops of color from the center.  I like the idea of fussy cutting, so the next post will show that.

Peace Sign - Smitten - Large Hexagone One

Large Hexagon #1

Similar to my previous post, this large hexagon features a fun sketch from Who's That Girl fabric.  I love how each scene, the girl is always with a little pooch.  Everyone needs a loving companion on their journey.  Here's mine:

Enjoy today's journey.